My Tribute to our family
Who Served and are Serving Still
Designed by: Terry L. Weldon
Assisted by: Jerry D. Beasley 

" For those who fought for it;  Freedom has a flavor the Protected will never taste."




Roland Kilgo - Confederate States Army
1863 - 1865




                               Cody Prewitt                                                                 Dustin King                               

  United States Air Force                                                  United States Army       



        Jerry "Smokey" Beasley                                                David Beasley           

United States Air Force
Monty  Adams
  U.S. Navy  
Don Lowe United States Army  
    Ray Johnson United States Air Force 1956 - 1979 




Prayer for Soldiers

"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us. Bless them
and their families for the selfless acts they
perform for us in our time of need. I ask this
in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.





Jeffrey L. Weldon                                                 Terry L. Weldon
      USAF JROTC                                            United States Air Force



Willie Parr United States Army World War One      
Charles Ogan
1981 - 1993
For they are the ones who, at an age when life is boundless and experience li
mited, leave their homes and families and travel to foreign lands to take up arms on our behalf.
Sonny Kilgo
United States Army
1959 - 1962
United States Army National Guard
1977 - 1998
Donnie Cunningham - Gideon MO
United States Army

KIA - Vietnam Nov 1970
Three weeks in country
   William Thompson            Robert Thompson             Paul Fitzpatrick            Wes Fitzpatrick
       US Army                    US Navy                     US Navy                     USAF     
Bradley Pashia
2175th Military Police Company
Joe Smith
U.S. Navy
D.K. Prewitt
D. K.
L.C. Burchell
United States Air Force

  Jim Vollrath                       Clara Kaiser                      John Vollrath        

                                                                         United States Navy                  U.S. ARMY                     United States Navy


No amount of training has prepared them for what they must endure. And yet they stay...they obey, they endure, they fight on...they survive. When finally they return home, they are forever changed. Some outwardly, some in other ways.


Bradley Gregg
United States Air Force


Bud  Clark

United States Navy



Louis Barnes

U.S. Navy





Three Generations of Military

    Edward E. Beasley            Danny W. Beasley            Kendall G. Beasley
   United States Air Force    United States Army        United States Air Force


Now we must do no less than thank and honor them for doing what others could not, and welcome them home as the heroes they have become. To do less diminishes us all.


  Marce Prewitt                                                     Wayne Prewitt
U.S. Navy                                                             U S M C


Donald Lee Gregory
United States Army


Roy  Dinkins

U.S. Navy


David Shaw
United States Army Air Corp.
 Arlee Voyles
United States Army

        Robert P.Owen                  Carmel BEASLEY Owen             Scott Owen
        United States Navy





Travis Fetterer
United States Air Force

 J.P. DuBois
United States Air Force
Now Serving




Freedom is Not Free


I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it,
and then he stood at ease.

I looked at him in uniform;
so young, so tall, so proud.
With hair cut square and eyes alert,
he'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought, how many men like him
had fallen through the years?
How many died on foreign soil?
How many Mother's tears?

How many pilots' planes shot down?
How many foxholes were soldiers'
No, Freedom is not free.

I heard the sound of 'Taps' one night,
when everything was still.
I listened to the bugler play
and felt a sudden chill.

I wondered just how many times
that 'Taps' had meant 'Amen',
when a flag had draped a coffin
of a brother or a friend.

I thought of all the children,
of Mothers and the Wives,
of Fathers, Sons and Husbands
with interrupted lives.

I thought about a graveyard
at the bottom of the sea,
of unmarked graves at Arlington.
No, Freedom isn't free!

Remember this ..... and
               God Bless America

Jake Layne
United States Navy


A Father and Three Sons


      Eugene Layne                                                Jimmy Layne              
   United States Army        




       Freddie Layne                                   Rickey Layne                                      Robin Layne

                           United States Army                              United States Army                                 US Air Force                     



Larry Garner
United States Air Force
Cliff Bierbrauer
United States Navy


Don Gregory
United States Navy
Greg Partridge            Ben Termin
   United States Air Force


Harvey Baker
United States Army





 Derek Voyles
United States Marine Corp. Reserves

Carl Burchell
United States Army

 Gary "Rob" Robertson
United States Navy


Pauline Beasley, Georgia Beasley, Colette Weldon, Deaner Layne, Gladys Baker, Kitty Beasley, Debbie Gregg, Margie Fowler, Stacey Beasley, Pam Glenn, Jane Beasley, Joyce Burchell, Rollins, Marsha DuBois, Anisa Barnes, Sherry Newbold, Peggy Layne, Leona Beasley, Becky Owen

 Larry Weldon
United States Marine Corp.

Travis Stanfield
United States Navy

Leon Beasley
United States Army





Charles Glenn                                  Mike Glenn

United States Air Force




Roger Barnes
United States Air Force
United States Navy

                                              Sue BEASLEY Schumer                                            
United States Army



Dean Newbold
United States Navy


Burnett Burchell
United States Navy


               Roy Rollins
               United States Navy

Alvin Layne
United States Navy



    "The Military Brat" The children of the Military member has been known for years as the Military Brat.  However, most are far from being brats. They are taught to be Independent, Loyal, and most of all flexible.  Thay have to be able to pack, move, and make new friends at the drop of a hat.  They give up any stability in on the home front due to short notice assignments and suprise TDYs.  They are a special breed of person and for that I pay tribute to your devotion to your family and your country.  Thank You for making your Military  member's duties easier to perform because of your understanding.                   

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